All stories have been approved for publication by family members mentioned.

Kevin Wilson Kevin’s Story by Michele Wilson

I was 21 when my brother died. A few months before I remember telling friends how fantastic life was. We had no idea that Kevin’s life was about to end. … Continue reading

Stuart Tocher Stuart’s Story by Ian Tocher

I was walking my friend’s dog when I spoke to my sister, Janice, on my mobile. She told me that Stuart had ‘collapsed and is no longer with us’ suddenly … Continue reading

Simon Pangborn Simon’s Story by Vanessa Tardif

My younger brother, Simon, died suddenly aged 35 on 23rd July 2004 of an undiagnosed heart condition. He had fainted when in his car with his eldest son and went … Continue reading

Gareth’s Story by Sian Regan

<divid=”storiestoparea”> Gareth died in his sleep when he was 21 and it all seems like a horrible blur that I’ve spent most of the last five years trying to put … Continue reading

Simon McNamara Simon’s Story by Katherine McNamara

On Thursday 17th July 2008 Mum and I arrived in Ireland for our ‘girly’ weekend. After a fun day out we returned to our hotel and Mum had a message … Continue reading

Anthony Iverson Anthony’s Story by Dawn Iverson

He rang me. It was 4.30am. He often called me at all times of the night so I assumed that’s all it was. If I didn’t answer he would usually … Continue reading

Martyn’s Story by Charlotte Luckett (Henderson)

I’m not sure where to begin. I was present when my brother Martyn died in hospital on 11th July 2005. He was only 19 and it was the worst day … Continue reading

Nolan Foley Nolan’s Story by Michelle Foley

It was the day after my 28th birthday, 26th August 2008. Everything was going well. I loved my new job and my brother was enjoying the first day of his … Continue reading

Sarah Caston Sarah’s Story by Julie Caston

I was 28 when Sarah died. After a night out at a concert I was anxiously returning home the following morning to the house we had bought together four years … Continue reading

Richard Richard’s Story by Joanne Bradley

  My brother Richard was 26 years young when he died suddenly at 5.30 pm on August 9th 2004. That’s when our lives changed forever. Even now, putting pen to … Continue reading